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How to Care For Your Woolens

How to Care For Your Woolens

When it comes to garment fibers, wool and cashmere are always on the delicate end of the spectrum. Especially for fibers come from sheep, goats, alpaca, and llama,great care must be taken to ensure that the cleaning process doesn't damage them. 

Taking care of your woolens can be a challenge, but there are some important steps you can follow to keep them looking their best. In this blog post, we’ll highlight some tips and tricks for keeping your woolens clean and fresh-smelling so you always look good and feel great!

Why Wool is good?

Wool is a natural fiber that comes from sheep. Wool is good for the environment because it creates less pollution than other fabrics. It also insulates better than most fabrics, so it's great for winter wear. Some people are allergic to wool, but there are ways to keep your woolens looking and feeling great even if you're an allergic person.

How to wash wool clothes?

Wool and cashmere garments should ideally be hand-washed, but they can be machine-washed on the delicate cycle with garment-specific shampoo. Avoid using chlorine bleach, as even dilute solutions will cause permanent yellowing, color loss, stiffening, and weakening of wool. Furthermore, never dry any wool or cashmere garment in an automatic dryer—you will end up with a shrunken garment that is frequently impossible to restore.

Wool is a natural fiber, so it needs to be washed differently than synthetics. Fill your machine with cold or lukewarm water and use a gentle detergent. It should be washed in small batches and turn the clothes inside out, and use the gentle cycle.

Remember to put the garment in a mesh bag to protect it from harsh agitation.Following the product label's directions, add wool and cashmere shampoo to the machine. 

What to do with sweat stains?

Woolens are often susceptible to sweat stains, especially if worn for activities like sports. It is important to start this process as soon as possible. As soon as the stain is noticed, it should be gently blotched with a wet cloth. If that doesn't work, then the item may need to be soaked in cold water or detergent. Finally, once it is clean it should be laid flat to dry.

Storing Wool and Cashmere Clothes

Wool and cashmere garments should be stored in a cool, dry place. Heat and humidity, such as those found in an attic or basement, can harm the fabric. The items should be folded carefully and placed in a breathable cotton garment bag for the most part. Wrap the pieces in acid-free tissue paper and add silica gel sachets for extra protection. Plastic storage bags, which trap moisture and increase the risk of mildew and discoloration, should be avoided.

Wool and cashmere clothing should not be hung in storage
because it will lose its shape. Jackets and suits, on the other hand, can be hung with a solid, structured hanger.